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Legacy Dynamics 365 Integrations are Approaching End Of Life

Legacy Dynamics 365 Integrations are Approaching End Of Life

What's Happening?

Microsoft is retiring their Office 365 authentication type, which is currently utilized by their Legacy Dynamics 365 SOAP API.  Microsoft states ->

"Effective February 4, 2020, the WS-Trust authentication type that is used by custom clients to connect to Dataverse is deprecated. … Effective April 2022, the authentication protocol will be retired for all new and existing environments within a tenant."


Why Is This Happening?

Microsoft is forcing integrations to utilize a secure authentication process, which also supports accounts protected by Multi-Factor Authentication.  Microsoft further states ->

"We are making this change to remove a security protocol (WS-Trust) that is inherently insecure by current encryption standards ... The WS-Trust security protocol, when used in conjunction with a user account and password, implements an authentication flow that presents both the user ID and password to the authenticating resource in 'clear text' form, relying solely on the transport encryption to provide security for the initial leg of the authentication, until such point as the token service returns an authentication token to use. Additionally, the WS-Trust protocol does not support modern forms of Multi-Factor Authentication and conditional access controls to customer data."


What Should You Do?

The short term fix is to change your authentication from Office 365 to OAuth. This may be a bit complicated if you are not already utilizing the CRMServiceClient class, and require a Dynamics developer to assist. Keep in mind that Microsoft is headed towards retiring their legacy SOAP API, so you should reconsider rebuilding your integration using the modern (and quicker) Web API. There's a couple different approaches you can take, depending on the complexity level of your current integration.

  • Simple integrations can lean on GUI based tools like Microsoft Power Automate. Microsoft offers hundreds of connectors to build automated workflow between platforms, including the Dynamics Web API (aka Microsoft Dataverse
  • Complex integrations that require code level development can use Microsoft Azure Integration services. Beringer has built a SaaS offering on top of Azure Integration Services called DataSyncCloud. DataSyncCloud is fully integrated with the Dynamics Web API, and can be configured to integrate with your applications.

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