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We’re Microsoft Cloud Certified!

We’re Microsoft Cloud Certified!

We're Microsoft Cloud Certified!

We're excited to share with you that we've been continuing to renew our Microsoft Cloud certifications, even during these unprecedented times. Our current certifications range from Dynamics 365 to Azure and Windows applications. The latest exams exposed our teams with newer features that will help us to build even better solutions for our customers.

Specifically, we've been focusing on renewing our Microsoft cloud business application competency which you can read more about here.

Some exams we've been taking

Exams included (but not limited to) that we've been taking are:

We're also on schedule to take exams related to Azure with respect to Infrastructure, Data, Modern Workflow and Business Applications.

Tips on getting certified

Prior to this unfortunate pandemic, we were used to taking our exams at a registered facility. For the time being though, we've been taking turns going into the office, where we have a designated room, to take our renewal exams. This helps us ensure we're maintaining both social distancing and that we meet all exam requirements.

If you're also looking to get certified and need to use your office, here are some tips that I recommend:

  • Let your coworkers know when you'll be in the office so you don't overlap and so they can cover you while you're unavailable

  • Show up for the exam much earlier than you normally would so you have enough time to set up your exam room and test PC requirements

  • Give your IT team a heads up on your exam day in case you run into technical difficulties

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