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Microsoft CRM 2011 Language Packs – How To Install Them

Numerous Language Packs are available for MSCRM 2011. So if your company has offices around the world, each office can use CRM in its native language (if available from Microsoft).

So what needs to be done to add a Language Pack to Microsoft CRM?

You can download the available CRM 2011 Language Packs from the Microsoft site at Just choose the language you need and download the appropriate version for your server or workstation (yes, the workstations also need to install the Language Pack if using the Outlook Client).


Once downloaded, install the Language Pack on the CRM server. Once installed, you’ll need to enable the Language in CRM. Go to Settings/Administration and click on Languages to do so.


Check the Language Pack you want enabled and click “Apply”


Once applied, users can go to their CRM Options and choose the new language.


Now navigation and system labels will be in the language that was chosen.


So you’re seeing a lot of Labels and option set values still in the default language. Well, CRM 2011 Language Packs only contain translations for system labels and navigation. All custom field labels, navigation links, options sets and the like need to be translated by you (or a translation firm).

MSCRM 2011 makes this task simple. Just go to the MSCRM Settings area and decide what you need translated. If you only want to translate custom items from specific areas of MSCRM, create a solution containing those items and then use the “Export Translation” button from the Solutions area after highlighting the solution.

If you want to export all items for translation, go to Customizations/Customize the System and click the “Export Translation” button from there.


A ZIP file will be exported. Save and open the CRMTranslation.xml in Excel to see the different sheets for translation.


You can now add the translations to the spreadsheet (or send the spreadsheet out for translation) which can then be imported back into MSCRM 2011.


— Microsoft Dynamics CRM cannot import translated text that is over 500 characters long.
— If new fields or option sets have been added to the entity being translated, the import might fail. Try to limit changing the system until the translations have been completed and imported.