DataSync Cloud – CRM and ERP Integration Has Never Been Easier

Data Sync Cloud is a real-time CRM / ERP integration built on Microsoft Azure cloud technology & infrastructure. It will sync your Accounts, Contacts, Orders, Invoices, Inventory & Sales History from your ERP’s SQL / ODBC database to Microsoft’s Dynamics CRM Online and OnPremise.

Research has proven that the highest success rates for CRM initiatives are achieved by creating a unified interface in the CRM solution to data spread throughout an organization. Most companies have data in several applications; accounting/ERP systems holding line of business data, and a CRM system holding sales, marketing and customer service data. This creates a disconnect between departments.

Bridging the Gap – leveraging the cloud as a transport mechanism
Integrating that data with Microsoft Dynamics CRM has historically been a costly and complex development project. Data Sync Cloud removes those complexities and virtually eliminates development costs by offering a non-technical hosted application that allows data to flow from Microsoft SQL based applications into CRM.

Put your line of business data to work in your sales, marketing and customer service departments. for more information