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.NET Core 3.1 – End of Support

Microsoft is urging developers to migrate to the latest .NET Core as 3.1 is reaching end of support next month. It is recommended to update to .NET 6 or .NET 7 “As soon as possible” but definitely before December 13, 2022 as this is the end of support date.

Avoid Vulnerabilities

Once support ends, the .NET version will be vulnerable to attacks targeting any of the security vulnerabilities patched in .NET Core 6 since its release in 2021. When upgrading to .NET 6 it is recommended to use the compatibility checker on Microsoft’s website. You can also upgrade to .NET 7 which will be supported for 18 months after its release November 8th of this year. .NET 7 includes a performance increase and new features over .NET 6.

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