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Social Listening Service in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013


scrn-crm-social-listeningBusinesses are now using the social media channels for marketing and sales as well as compliments or complaints that can quickly reach a very wide audience.


The internet is now teeming with business intelligence in the social channels – if you know how find it and use it to your advantage. Microsoft has introduced a new way to collect and analyze this data – Social Listening Service. This cloud-based service allows businesses to gather accurate and relevant data, in real-time, across several data sources and types including:


Marketing: campaign reach, brand and product sentiment, and key influencers in your industry

Sales: targeted or current accounts, competitive intel, buying signals from new or existing customers

Service: real time alerts on customer issues or trends, provide social-media-based customer service, integration with MSCRM service module


SocialListening_ThumbKey data collection is from sources like Facebook, Twitter, video posting sites and blogs.


There is quite a lot of data to be reviewed and sorted. Use MS Social Listening Service to gather the data and present it to you in an easily understandable dashboard. You can very quickly see the social media content for specific topics, and then take appropriate business steps utilizing this data to improve sales or marketing efforts, or understand and react to customer sentiment. Stay informed on what your key customers are expressing on social media, as well as what your competition is doing through the same channels.


Microsoft Social Listening service is included with CRM Online Professional for customers with 10+ users, and for customers using CRM On Premise for an additional licensing fee.


For a quick overview of the key features of Microsoft Social Listening:


If you’re interested in learing more through a 30-minute test drive of the Microsoft Social Listening Service:





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