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New Microsoft Edge features that will make you want to switch browsers

New Microsoft Edge features that will make you want to switch browsers

The latest iteration of Windows’s default web browser was built from the ground up using the same code as Google Chrome. It’s a similar yet entirely different browser that offers faster loading times, improved security and support, and better compatibility with websites and extensions, among other outstanding features. Check out this list of awesome new things that you can look forward to in the new Microsoft Edge.


Collections allows you to gather information from different sites, then organize, export, or return to it at a later time. Doing these can be especially difficult if you’re working across several sites and multiple devices.

To use this feature, simply click on the Collections button and a pane will open on the right side of your browser window. Here, you can easily drag and drop web pages, text, images, videos, and other elements into a group, which you can then import to a Word document or Excel workbook. Compiling research has never been easier!

Vertical tabs

Vertical tabs are a great feature if you are anything like me and have a large amount of tabs open at all times. Instead of having to hover over or click on one to see which page it’s on (and then inevitably close the most important tab while clicking around) you can easily find and manage your tabs on the side with a single click. You’ll never have to lose track of or accidentally close tabs again.

Smart Copy

How often do you copy content from the web and paste it into a document only for it to become an ugly mess of text that needs to be cleaned up? If you use the new Microsoft Edge then your answer can be changed to "not any more"! The Smart Copy feature makes it easier to select, copy, and paste web content — including any images or links — while preserving its formatting. Messy screens drive me crazy, making the Smart Copy feature one of my favorite items on this list.

Tracking prevention

Whenever you visit a site, online trackers can collect information about your internet activity, including pages you visit, links you click on, your search history, and more. What’s alarming is that they can do this even when you’re not on the site. Companies then use the data collected to target you with personalized advertisements and experiences. This can seem highly intrusive, if not downright creepy.

The new tracking prevention feature in Microsoft Edge is designed to keep you from being tracked by sites that you aren’t accessing directly. It’s enabled by default, and it gives you control over the types of third-party trackers to be detected and blocked, thereby enhancing your online privacy.

Password Monitor

Millions of online personal credentials are frequently exposed due to data breaches and sold on the dark web. To keep your online accounts safe from hackers, Microsoft developed the Password Monitor. When enabled, this feature notifies you if the credentials you’ve saved to autofill is on the dark web. It then prompts you to take action, allowing you to view a list of all the leaked credentials and then leading you to the respective site to change your password. I'm embarrassed to say that I have received this notification (I feel like I should have somehow known), but I was thankful that I use Microsoft Edge and that this feature was available to me.

InPrivate mode enhancements

Sometimes, you may want extra online privacy when browsing the internet, especially if you’re sharing devices with other people. When you use the InPrivate mode, your history, cookies, and site data are automatically deleted once you finish a web browsing session. What’s more, your searches aren’t tied to your account, so you don’t have to go through the hassle of deleting your search or browser history. Pro Tip- this is especially useful when planning surprises!

Immersive Reader

Built into the new Microsoft Edge, Immersive Reader makes reading online easier and more accessible by removing distractions on the page and creating a simplified environment that helps you to focus. This feature also gives you access to a variety of capabilities, including hearing text read aloud or adjusting the text size. I like my font to be as big as an 80's hairstyle, and I am happy that Immersive Reader made this possible for me.

4K and Dolby Audio

Catching up on your favorite show? Watching a documentary for research? If you enjoy binge-watching the latest series on Netflix (or just want a high-definition entertainment experience when viewing content online) then this feature is for you! Microsoft Edge is the only browser on Windows 10 that lets you watch Netflix in stunning 4K resolution and supports Dolby Audio and Dolby Vision.

Give with Bing

Bing now comes with a Give Mode feature that allows you to support the causes you care about by simply searching using the search engine. As part of the Microsoft Rewards program, you can earn reward points for searches and donate these points to one out of more than a million nonprofits to choose from. This includes the CDC Foundation and other organizations supporting the COVID-19 response. When I found out about this I was so excited to see Special Olympics Inc. as one of the options that I could choose from as well, as this nonprofit is one that I have held dear to my heart since I was young enough to start volunteering. This has to be the easiest way ever to give back! I mean it IS 2021, you're already searching the web every day anyways, right?

Easy switching

Microsoft Edge is available to download for Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android. What’s great is that you can easily copy or migrate your bookmarks, form fill information, passwords, and basic settings to the new Microsoft Edge with just a single click.

If you want to learn more about the latest features of Microsoft Edge and how to enjoy these benefits on your business computers, give us a call today.
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