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Do you have the new Microsoft Edge?

Do you have the new Microsoft Edge?

Do you have the new Microsoft Edge?

Microsoft will be departing from the old edge and moving to a new Chromium-based browser. Google uses the Chromium open-source project to make Google Chrome. For the everyday Chrome users, Microsoft Edge will look identical features but with Microsoft's spin on the platform. Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge are built on the same platform however Microsoft Edge is slightly different as it is connected to Microsoft servers rather than Google's.

Business programs integration

Microsoft Edge is linked with your Microsoft 365 platform allowing collaboration with programs such as SharePoint and OneDrive. With the integration configured without any setup, you simply log in to Edge with your work account (Microsoft 365) and begin searching for content. For instance, you could easily search your entire SharePoint page for documents and notes for a client.

Set Microsoft Edge's default page to your Microsoft 365 content to increase productivity. This default page will display your recent work such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc. documents that you recently worked on in your OneDrive or in your SharePoint site. On this page, you can also view documents that were created in Microsoft Teams.

Multiple Profiles

In addition to signing into the Microsoft, 365 platform users can also sign into a personal account such as This additional profile creates two versions of Microsoft Edge on your computer. The personal profile does not connect to the user's organization. This allows users to search for items and use Microsoft Edge without the security and oversite of the organization.

The personal profile creates a different desktop or taskbar shortcut to launch into a different environment. The other environment will not have the same extensions or settings that appear in the business profile. This also allows the user to have a different user experience. This personal profile will still have the Microsoft Edge built-in tracking security but it will not be as locked down with the organization's Azure Security. In the personal profile, the user's bookmarks and personalized settings are configured separately from the business profile.

Microsoft 365 Security

Microsoft Edge has security managed by Azure AD Conditional Access and Windows Information Protection that is currently in place for the Microsoft 365 platform. This allows the same security policies already configured for your Microsoft 365 platform to seamlessly work with Microsoft Edge. In addition to the Microsoft 365 security, it has built-in security that you can manage. Built-in security includes blocking trackers, which monitor what you are searching for and build ads around those searches. Users can add their own sites to the blocked list and add sites to the exceptions list.


Microsoft Edge continues to use the Microsoft Store to add extensions but also allows you to add extensions from the Chrome Web Store. Go to settings, click on extensions, and at the lower left check the box to allow extensions from other stores. You can search for popular extensions in the Chrome Web Store (1Password,, etc.) and install them in Microsoft Edge.


Microsoft Edge will work with platforms in production today. You can install Microsoft Edge on Windows 10, macOS, iOS, and Android. Installing Microsoft Edge on all your devices will allow for seamless access to content across devices. When using Microsoft Edge on your mobile phone you can quickly continue your work on your computer from where you left off on your phone.

Final Thoughts

Microsoft's adaptation of Chromium changes the landscape for web browsing. It opens doors to maximize productivity in the workplace with regard to searching while staying secure. This new adaptation also allows the user to have separate work and personal web browsing environment on the same computer. This new deployment of Microsoft Edge will allow users who are familiar with Chrome to easily switch to Edge. Make the switch today and install Microsoft Edge.

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