Power Virtual Agents – An Introduction

What is a Power Virtual Agent?

Microsoft Power Virtual Agents, part of the Microsoft Power Platform, enables a chat bot to engage in rich, natural conversation with your users to assist with a wide array of tasks.  From freeing up human resources and allowing them to focus on more complex user issues to providing your customers with a powerful tool to assist them with basic order and service questions, Microsoft Power Virtual Agents enables bots to act on inquiries without human intervention.

How can Power Virtual Agents help my organization?

Ability to monitor and improve bot performance:

  • Power Virtual Agents comes with rich analytical tools out of the box to monitor various aspects of your bot’s functionality, including customer satisfaction, individual session information, and much more.

Reduces assisted support inquiries:

  • A Power Virtual Agents bot can assist with countless inquiries that would otherwise be routed to a human agent. This decreases call queue times, provides end-users with quick, convenient access to information about their topic, and overall increases the productivity of support agents.

Integrates seamlessly with other systems:

  • From agent handoffs to bot deployment, Power Virtual Agents bots are dynamic and able to be deployed to various digital environments. Furthermore, if your organization uses Omnichannel, you can seamlessly integrate a bot for agent handoff.  You can also build custom handoff adapters for a variety of engagement hubs your organization may use.

What is the future of chatbots for business?

According to Forbes Council Member Muddu Sudhakar, “chatbots have taken a quantum leap forward in user support, contributing substantially to the emergence of the modern service desk.”  This is especially true with the COVID-19 pandemic, which has driven businesses and customers alike to seek out digital alternatives to in-person services.  AI has made terrific strides in understanding the dynamics of human language, whether written or oral, and those advances are only compounding as technology progresses.  Chatbots – and AI in general – are both the present and the future of business first-point-of-contact customer engagements, and they ought to be utilized to their full advantage to promote human productivity.

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