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SMBs should not fear the cloud’s security

Cloud computing is a hot topic for many great reasons with one key concern, security. Businesses using the technology can experience significant flexibility in terms of operational agility, promote organizational-wide collaboration and avoid purchasing equipment that requires an upfront capital investment. Instead, services are available through a subscription pricing model.

The key issue, however, remains security. Small and medium-sized businesses sometimes fear storing sensitive resources at an off-site location, concerned these assets will fall into the wrong hands or be targeted by cyber criminals. But location is actually one of the cloud’s greatest strengths.

For example, on-site infrastructure is prone to disruptions from disasters. These dangerous incidents can damage or even destroy on-premise systems, making a return to operational efficiency a time-consuming process.

Storing backed up data at an office is another way to experience issues. These devices are easily lost or stolen, so it is actually safer to keep this content in a cloud-based environment where only authorized personnel can access documents. Leading cloud vendors also provide encryption services to keep malicious users from gaining entry to the cloud.

Survey finds SMBs improving security with cloud
SMBs still worried about making the switch to the cloud should rest easy knowing firms are actually improving their safeguards with the technology – not harming their protection. A Microsoft-funded survey conducted by comScore found 45 percent of SMBs believed using the cloud would result in issues with data control, while 42 percent questioned the reliability of the service itself, InformationWeek reported.

The results of the study, however, disproved these concerns in a big way. The survey discovered 94 percent of SMBs achieved security capabilities with the cloud that they lacked with on-premise equipment. Another 75 percent experienced enhanced service reliability by using the cloud and 62 percent of respondents witnessed improvements to their privacy protection.

In an interview with the news source, Adrienne Hall, general manager of trustworthy computing at Microsoft, explained the company commissioned the survey instead of conducting it itself because it did not want to appear “self-serving.” Instead, Hall explained “We’re hoping studies like this will bring home the benefits of cloud computing.”

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