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Social, mobile and cloud driving CRM revolution

The entire IT industry is shifting to the latest technologies and trends that are essential for promoting efficiency, collaboration and up-to-date data access. This transformative process is also making its way to critical tech sectors such as customer relationship management suites. The likes of cloud computing, social networking and enterprise mobility are expected to become ingrained in the CRM space for years to come.


In an interview with TechRadarPro, Marcin Malinowski, international services director at a European CRM consultancy, said the CRM industry has quickly evolved in the last decade thanks to advancements in technology. Smartphones in particular have led to higher adoption rates and the ability for end-users to work from anywhere.


The cloud also facilitates this new type of employee functionality. Malinowski told the news source the CRM market is “all about delivering” CRM software through a cloud-based model. The major vendors, including Microsoft, are doing all they can to accomplish this goal effectively.


Microsoft Dynamics CRM pushing technological innovation
As Malinowski emphasized, Microsoft is among the leaders in the CRM industry, and for good reason. Microsoft Dynamics CRM incorporates cloud computing, mobility and social computing to deliver an innovative experience to end-users whether they are located in the office, from a remote location or in the field meeting with clients.


The suite’s mobile/cloud capabilities are essential for promoting a connected workforce that always has access to the most up-to-date information at all times. For example, a sales rep who is preparing to meet with a customer can use his or her tablet or smartphone to view the CRM suite, analyzing sales up to this point and compare year-over-year statistics to show clients how they are performing.


Sales reps can apply similar capabilities to attracting prospective customers as well. Microsoft Dynamics CRM delivers a full view of how a business has faired with a rival vendor. If sales are not on par with expectations, employees can highlight how their organization offers a better chance of improving results if the prospective customer jumps ship.


In terms of social networking, Microsoft Dynamics CRM also has this area covered. Microsoft has touted its Social Listening functionality, which helps businesses identify valuable trends influencing their brand, as well as enabling companies to use information to provide more personalized messages to clients.


The end results should help organizations maintain healthy relationships with customers and take advantage of developments impacting their respective markets.


Where is the CRM industry headed?
Backed by the cloud, mobile and social computing, CRM software has a bright future and will continue to evolve as time passes. Looking ahead, what does Malinowski expect to see from such suites? An “explosion of customer data” will place great emphasis on how CRM solutions store all of this valuable content generated online and offline.


“Using this information, CRM solutions will be able to create personal bundles of offers depending on the specific customer’s precise needs. Most importantly, all of these capabilities will be completely automated. It’s plain to see that the next decade in CRM is set to be a very exciting one,” Malinowski told the news provider.


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