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Speed up your Dynamics 365 portal by following these 2 easy tips

Dynamics 365 portals offer a great way to provide data to your customers, but sometimes the portal can be a bit slow.  Portals rely on data caches from Dynamics 365.  That cache can be stale, and can cause a discrepancy between what is displayed in Dynamics 365 and the portal.  Follow these tips to increase your portal’s “speed” by reducing the cache discrepancy.

Tip #1: Enabling/Disabling Change Tracking

Speed up your dynamics 365 portal

You can access the Change Tracking option on each entity from the solution.  Checking this option will allow the portal to refresh it’s cache on a specific entity, rather than attempting to re cache all of the data at once.

What entities need change tracking enabled

All custom entities should have change tracking enabled.  Likewise, any entity that portal users will interact directly with should also have change tracking turned on.

What entities need change tracking disabled

Disable change tracking on the Web Page and Web File entities.  These are entities that come with the Dynamics 365 Portals solution.

Tip #2: Enable Header and Footer Cache

By default, the Header and Footer web templates are rendered each time a page is loaded.  By making a few adjustments to the Header and Footer Web Templates and then adding some Site Settings, we can cache the Header and Footer to increase portal speed.  Visit this page and follow the instructions carefully to replace several lines of code and add the correct site settings, provided by Microsoft:

That’s it!

These two easy tips will help to improve your portal’s speed of displaying the correct information from Dynamics 365.

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