Dynamics 365 October ’18 – Reusable Content and Video Inclusion

Is your team as excited as mine is, about the Dynamics 365 October ’18 update?  As soon as we heard about the upcoming features in this release, everyone on the Beringer Technology Group Dynamics Team was ready to dive in.

A key area in Dynamics 365 is the Marketing module, focusing on creating campaigns that put your company information in front of the right customer contacts. We are expecting the October ’18 release to cover a total of nine updates to Marketing features. In this blog I will be looking the at two of these exciting updates.

Reusable Content Blocks

First, let’s talk about content. The key to reaching your audience is beautiful, persuasive content. A lot of effort goes into creating email content for campaigns, and it’s a real shame you cannot reuse the elements you spent the most time on. Oh, but wait, after the October ’18 release, you will be able to do this!  Microsoft is introducing the capability to create “reusable content blocks”.


So, if your Marketing team creates specific headers or other elements that support your company’s branding effort, these can be saved and instantly used again. This allows your Sales, Service and every other team in the company to use the same content, for uniform messaging to all contacts through Dynamics 365. In addition, these reusable content blocks can be locked, so that the content is not altered, assuring that all communication has the same branding imagery. It won’t make your content “greener”, but it will save your company time on content design.

Video Blocks

The other awesome new feature I want to share is the use of videos within Marketing content. We know that there is a strong trend toward using video content to demonstrate products, instead of flat images or text. With the October ’18 release, you can embed videos in your Marketing emails to help you grab and keep your targets’ attention. This will be accomplished through the designer’s toolbox by placing a “video block” element on your page and then selecting the video to display in the box.

Dynamics 365 October ’18 - Video Blocks

These are just two of the many new features to come in Dynamics 365 October ’18. To read about all of the new features in this release, take a look at the overview site here:

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