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The benefits of a cloud, mobile and customer-first mentality

The benefits of a cloud, mobile and customer-first mentality

Cloud computing is a transformative technology because it offers functionality similar to on-site hardware, but without the management resources required to maintain the environment. Instead, a third-party service provider handles these tasks, allowing organizations to refocus on more internal and mission-critical endeavors.

BYOD is another cost-saving option for businesses that want to support a productive and happy workforce. Rather than purchasing and distributing corporate-owned phones and tablets, firms offering BYOD simply allow workers to leverage their personal gadgets for work-related purposes. Companies save money while people use products they are already familiar with. It's a win-win situation for both parties.

The relationship between the cloud and mobile devices is a perfect match, since staff members can access documents, email and communicate with coworkers and customers through their laptops, tablets and smartphones through the Internet, delivering office capabilities regardless of location.

How CRM suites benefit from the cloud and BYOD
Customers today expect service from businesses around the clock, no questions asked. This requires companies to always be online, which is possible with a cloud environment in place to support this necessity.

The capabilities of cloud and mobile computing integrate nicely with customer relationship management suites such as Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Organizations that take this cloud, mobile and customer first mentality stand to benefit greatly from improving communication between sales representatives and clients. Personnel using these powerful tools always have the most updated information at their fingertips - a critical advantage when meeting with prospective companies for the first time.

The most prepared employees will have no trouble accessing Microsoft Dynamics CRM through their laptops, tablets and smartphones to compare year-over-year sales and current statistics showing a new business that their vendor offers better pricing and wider profit margins over the competition.

If your company is interested in this exciting cloud, mobile and customer first strategy, consider receiving support for all of these IT needs from one place. At Beringer Associates, we are in tune with the latest developments reshaping the industry. We analyze our customers' IT infrastructures, customer requirements and operational demands to craft a personalized program to set them up for success over the long run.

We also fully understand cloud-based products such as Office 365 and other Microsoft tools such as Microsoft Dynamics CRM because we are a Microsoft Certified Partner. Once a solution is in place, we provide ongoing support to make any changes to a client's environment to reflect developments that may impact operational efficiency. If there are complications along the way, our team of IT professionals are available 24/7 to address the situation immediately.

At Beringer Associates, we will take over your IT infrastructure, so your business can focus on what really matters to your unique company instead of managing all different types of products on your own.



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