Maximizing Security and Scalability with Firewall-as-a-Service

The ONE thing that will stop hackers! (Hint: there is no one thing…)

It takes a village to stop an intrusion into your network!

Back in the day – Antivirus software was great! It stopped all those emails (written by a Captain Obvious-styled hacker) that had terrible grammar, flashy subject lines, fishy links and lots of virus keywords like “act now” and “free” and “special offer”. So the AV solutions that were out there worked well, for the most part.

Now – the incoming attack is a whole different game. Sophisticated emails with less flash and a well thought out and much more psychological approach to getting users to click.

You really need (all of) the following solutions to deflect the incoming poisoned darts that carry virus and ransomware.

  • Anti-Virus – yes, it does still catch some things
  • Anti-Malware – similar to AV but an added layer of protection against simple downloadables that can wreak havoc.
  • Endpoint Detection and Response – this is a key new piece that is active threat hunting on your workstation. Really effective tool, when deployed right and managed well.
  • DNS Filtering – blocks access to known malicious website so that when the “clickers” in your group try to get that free iPhone… they are blocked from downloading ransomware before they even leave their desktop.
  • Multi Factor Authentication – the second challenge users need to fulfill is to prove they are really who they say they are… Highly effective at preventing unauthorized access to networks and cloud solutions alike.
  • Backup and Disaster Recovery – why did I leave this for last, you ask…? It is the last line of defense but a critical piece of the puzzle solution. If you are hacked and ransomed, this will save you. Complete restoration of any infected data or entire server arrays… Call us on this one for sure.

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