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Protect Yourself from Cybercriminals when Traveling

Protect Yourself from Cybercriminals when Traveling

In a world where we are constantly connected, cybersecurity cannot be limited to just the home or office. It's incredibly important to be prepared, especially when you travel and expose your devices to the world. Check out my top three safety tips to protect yourself from cybercriminals when traveling.

Tip #1 - Update and Backup your devices

You should verify that your laptop, tablets and phone are up to date. This includes operating system, antivirus, application and firmware updates. Make sure that you capture and store a backup of all your devices too. If you lose a device or if they are compromised, your IT team can only restore it to the most recent backup.

Tip #2 - Guard your devices

Your devices are never more exposed then when you are traveling. For example, it's very easy for someone to stick a tiny device into your exposed USB port when you are working in the airport. My recommendation is that you shouldn't trust anything that exposes your devices, especially open wireless networks and charging stations. It's also incredibly important to keep your phone and computer separated, especially if your phone is your Multi Factor Authentication device.

Tip #3 - Know your action plan

What will you do if your devices are stolen? Do you know what number to call if your phone is lost? Talk with your IT team, and understand the what steps should be taken in the event your device is lost or stolen. Do you remember the phone number you need to call? I know that seems like an outdated concept, but contacting your IT team within minutes could be the difference between recovering your data, or handing it over to the cybercriminals.

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Traveling is exhausting, and can take its toll on any of us. If you simply take some time to prep your devices before your trip and stay vigilant, then you will not be a victim. If you’re looking for the right partner to help protect your devices, then reach out to Beringer Technology Group today and ask about our Cyber Security Risk Assessment Solution.

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