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Three Reasons why Firewall License Renewals are Very Important

Licensing on network equipment is common for a network device, as it can increase functionality, usability, and coverage for the device’s hardware or firmware. A typical form of licensing provided by network manufacturers are VPNs (Virtual Private Network). This applies to either user-based VPN technologies or site-to-site connections,  and can cripple the functionality of the business if they expire. Additionally, hardware and support licensing are crucial because a company depends on their firewall/router to function during day-to-day tasks. Here are 3 reasons why Firewall license renewals are very important for your business.

Expiration can Cripple Business Functionality.

Imagine this situation in relation to an electric bill. If the electricity bill for your office building goes unpaid, the power will be shut off and users will not be able to work. (If a backup generator is not present.). This relates to a firewall to the extent that if VPN licensing is not renewed, the VPN service for the firewall will stop working. Additionally, this will prevent remote users from accessing work resources if the servers are on-premises, without warning, and they will not be able to connect again until the license is renewed.

Hardware Licensing Is Crucial

Think about hardware licensing as car insurance. Without it, the individual/company is at extreme risk in case something happens to the hardware components of the device. With hardware licensing applied, the firewall manufacturer is providing a warranty in case any components fail. At Beringer, we have seen cases where there was a lightning strike on a building and hardware is damaged. Without hardware warranty coverage, the customer is left to replace their device in whatever time shipping or delivery takes.  Under a warranty, the replacement hardware would probably arrive the next day – with phone support to help with the setup.

Vendor Support Can be a Savior

Time and time again, companies run into typical network issues that are more or less a frustration “in the moment”. Usually, these issues can be fixed with a simple service call to diagnose the issue. However, there are times that the software the network equipment is running gets corrupted, which requires assistance from a technician from the manufacturer’s support team to resolve. Firewalls such as SonicWALL and Cisco Meraki require a support license if you request help from their support team. In most cases the manufacturer can see more obscure logs than the end user, to diagnose the problem.

What to do next?

If you are unsure about the status of your firewall licensing, reach out to a trusted partner like Beringer Technology Group for a consultation.

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