Using Power Automate to modify SharePoint templates

Use Power Automate to modify SharePoint templates

The SharePoint connector for Power Automate provides a wide range of actions for accessing and modifying SharePoint items. But, did you know you can use Power Automate to modify SharePoint templates? One of those actions, Get file contents, can be used to get and store an entire file inside of a flow run. From there, the flow can act based on the contents of that file, such as replacing predefined “tags” in the file with dynamic content from a Dataverse row.

Consider a text (.txt) file stored in SharePoint which contains the following sentence: “Trenton is the state capitol of New Jersey.” We could turn this into a template by replacing some words with tags (a word with brackets surrounding it), then using a Power Automate flow to replace those tags with data from one or more Dataverse rows.

Let’s replace “Trenton” with “[capitolName]” and “New Jersey” with “[stateName].” We now have a text file that looks like this: “[capitolName] is the state capitol of [stateName].” If we use the SharePoint Get file contents action to get our text file, we can begin modifying our file in a flow.

From here, we could conceivably use the Dataverse List rows action to get a list of rows containing the names of all state capitols and the state they’re in.  For each row returned, we could use a Compose action to replace the two tags in the template with dynamic content from the row by using the replace() expression.

If you’re interested in learning more about how the Beringer team can help your team use Power Automate to modify SharePoint templates, see our service pages for Power Platform and Microsoft Cloud applications.

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