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Using Power Pages and Power Automate to drive your lead generation

Using Power Pages and Power Automate to drive your lead generation

Integrating the key pieces of PowerApps, such as Power Pages and Power Automate to automate your repetitive tasks and manage your leads can be critical to help any company succeed.

Power Pages and Power Automate - What's the difference?

Power Pages and Power Automate are two tools from Microsoft that can be used to automate the lead management process. Power Pages allows you to create custom web pages, while Power Automate allows you to create automation between different applications.

Use in Marketing Activities

By configuring a Power Page form, you can seamlessly integrate potential clients into your Dynamics 365 database. Utilizing Power Automate, you can then subject these lead records to a duplicate detection process, ensuring data cleanliness by identifying whether they are new leads or existing records in your system. In this flow, you can also automate lead assignment to salespeople based on regions, event affiliations, or your existing sales procedures, and concurrently generate tasks for these sales representatives to act upon. Furthermore, through customization options, you can modify task details such as subjects and due dates, effectively streamlining your sales team's focus on these new records.

Follow up with Leads

Power Automate also provides the capability to include these leads in marketing lists, granting your marketing team the means to distribute valuable information and resources. After these leads have been engaged with, you have the flexibility to create a second workflow that automatically sends follow-up emails to leads based on their lead status or generates new opportunity records once leads are qualified.

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By using Power Pages and Power Automate, any company can automate their lead management process and improve their sales performance. Interested in more information? Read our Microsoft Power Automate service page for details.

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