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Windows 10 and WebEx: Not on IE11 or Edge

24supportWeb Conferencing in today's workplace is as common as making a phone call. An early innovator in the field, Cisco is still a top choice for most companies. Their WebEX platform is salable, secure, easy to use, and even free in some instances. Sometimes in the IT world, even with preview builds, and despite best efforts by large companies such as Microsoft and Cisco, technology takes awhile to catch up and mesh with each other.

Such is the case with Windows 10 and Cisco WebEx. A user might encounter the following error when attempting to join a meeting - "WebEx is not supported on windows 10." It looks like WebEx does not yet work with Edge nor IE11 in Windows 10. The underlining issues appear to be WebEx's parsing of the Windows 10 User Agent String, and it is not properly handling the # formatting in NT.

Cisco states that if the presenter is using "Service Version WBS30 or later" that this issue should not occur.  This can be updated by the presenter on their platform.  However if your presenter has not yet upgraded its platform, here are a few end user workarounds you can try.

  • Use Chrome Browser and IEtab. Open the chrome web store, search and install “IE tab” extension.  The first time you click on the logo an executable will be installed. From this point on, each time you click on the extension icon you will see a secondary bar in which you can add the WebEx URL by copying and pasting. The program emulates internet explorer over chrome and allows WebEx to work.
  • In Internet Explorer 11 or EDGE, Press F12 to open the Developer Tools.  Go to the Emulation Tab and change the “User Agent String” to “Internet Explorer 10.″

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