Beringer Team Awarded by CRMSoftware Blog

Beringer Team Awarded by CRMSoftware Blog

Beringer Technology Group has been awarded Top Member status for 2022 by CRMSoftware Blog, for one of the highest counts of blogs posted on the site as well as consistent blog posting throughout last year. Announcement linked below:

2022 ERP/CRM Software Blog Award Winners – CRM Software Blog

The Beringer team was also recognized for having two technical blog posts that ranked in the Top 10 on CRM Software Blog, based on quality scores. Quality scoring considers traffic generated, along with reader engagement, writing style, and more.  The two blog posts from our team that made the list were:

Hide/Show System Views in Dynamics 365

Be prepared for ARC and SLA deprecation

The entire Top 10 Blog list is linked here.

Thanks very much to the team at CRM Software Blog for recognizing our high quality blog content. For additional blog posts from the Beringer team on both Dynamics 365 and Power Platform topics, as well as Cybersecurity and IT content,  go to our blog site. 

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