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How distributors can effectively compete with AmazonSupply

Have you read the recent Forbes magazine article, “Amazons Wholesale Slaughter: Jeff Bezos 8 Trillion Dollar B2B Bet”? It can seem pretty daunting if you are a local or regional distribution company.


AmazonSupply currently stocks 2.2 million items covering 17 product categories selling everything from tools, home improvement products, janitorial supplies to stainless steel pipe.

Do You Know What’s in Your Sales Pipeline?

5 ways a CRM Can Help Manage Sales Pipeline and Grow the Bottom-line


Managing sales people and a sales pipeline can be challenging no matter what type of business you’re in. It does not matter whether your products are large ticket items or small repeat items; managing the sales process and being able to forecast sales takes time and effort.

The Evolving CRM Social Strategy

The Beringer team has returned from Convergence with exciting news about the future of Dynamics CRM. The million dollar message is that Social Data Insights will be huge in the coming year. Businesses were abuzz about developing a “Social Strategy” or “Social CRM”: a honed business approach that monitors and maintains an online social presence.