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The Phantom Printer

This post will serve to help resolve the ever so famous “Phantom Printer.” For those who are unfamiliar with the “Phantom Printer,” this is referred to when your printer is installed on your device and can be chosen from the drop down list of printer properties, but does not appear in the Devices & Printers location. It has no effect on the printing itself, and does not cause any issues besides the obvious visual of “Where is this printer device if not in the Devices & Printers location?”

Azure RemoteApp: Your Apps Anywhere

Do you love your Desktop Apps, but wish they could be mobile? In the current technology climate, most applications are going mobile to fuel the user on the go; and they’re going fast. Not all software developers have time to catch up and develop mobile applications with complete parity to their Desktop counterpart like the Microsoft Office Apps for Mobile. So what can you do to connect your stationary apps to your mobile users?

Visualize your Company’s Performance with Power BI

Does your company have invaluable data across multifarious applications, but isn’t using it to its full potential?  What if you could capture metrics of that data within visualizations in one central location to ascertain your company’s performance?   As I pointed out in a previous blogMicrosoft’s Power BI offers an attractive feature for creating dashboards with interactive visualizations from multiple data sources.

Beringer Associates Recognized Among the Top 250 Managed Services Providers In North America

Beringer Associates is very proud to be recognized among the Top 250 IT Managed Services Providers in North America focused on the SMB Market by Computer Reseller News (CRN). CRN publishes the MSP 500 list annually. For 2016 Beringer Associates is featured in the elite group of the MSP Pioneer 250 on that list.

HIPAA Assesments Can Save Your Practice

Nothing makes doctors cringe more than someone blurting the acronym HIPPA.  What is HIPPA and why should I care, after all I am a doctor for heaven’s sake!  While that statement is often tossed around in casual conversations among peers, the underlying majority sentiment among the medical community is that it scares all healthcare principals to the bone.  The cost of a single HIPPA violation is astronomical and can literally put a small healthcare practice out of business.

You want how much to do what?

So you’ve heard of Viruses and Phishing attacks, but have you heard of Ransomware? Ransomware is basically a combination of a virus and phishing attack that employs an application to encrypt your data to hold it for ransom. The phishing part of the attack is centered on an email with some type of attachment. An example would be “My Resume for your consideration” with a word document attached. The Word document has macros that will go out to the Internet, download and run an application that will search for and encrypt all of your data files (PDF, Office App files, photos, etc).