How to do Conditional Formatting in CRM Outlook Client 2011

How to do Conditional Formatting in the CRM Outlook Client

In the Ribbon, Click on View | then click View Settings | then choose Conditional Formatting

Example: Make all Leads that are HOT, have the font color Red and Bold

Add A Condition:

Click Add.

Name the Rule then select Red and Bold as the Font.

Set Conditions

Now you must set your Conditions. Click the Conditions Button

Select Filters

1. Click the Advanced tab
2. Click the Field button
3. Select “User-defined fields”
4. Choose a field. (we choose “Rating” for this example)

Set Filter Conditions

Choose the condition from the dropdown box (“is exactly” for our example)

6. Type in Selected Value (“Hot” for this example)
7. After all the fields have been completed, Click Add to list
8. Finally select Ok. The Conditional formatting is instantly applied.

The Final Result:

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Conditional formatting is a great tool when you want certain records to catch your eye. You can streamline and optimize your search process very effectively with Conditional formatting.