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Desktop Cyber Security – The Best Defense… is a Good Offense

Know Where you Stand and What Threats you Face

I’ve talked about desktop tools and infrastructure solutions designed to block hacker intrusions and clean systems of virus and malware. We’ve reviewed testing and training users to make sure the human element is addressed to keep the bad actors out. We’ve looked at several ways to mitigate the risk and give you recovery and continuity.

You may know IPDRR – Identify. Protect. Detect. Respond. Recover. These are the basic tenets of cyber security protocol. The first three are the keys to a proactive methodology – a good offense. Simply put, they are knowing the pieces of your network, deploying blocking tools to those pieces and setting up an alerting system that can detect threats – in real time.

Know your networks

The asset and inventory tools we use to track our knowledge of client systems are initially populated when we take on a new client. This is all part of Beringer’s tried-and-true onboarding process. That database is then updated as every change is made to the network, whether it be due to a project to upgrade infrastructure, a remediation for performance, modifications to local or cloud access, or security or any other change.

Deploy Your Safety Net

We use anti-virus and anti-malware tools in every case… An Endpoint/Managed Detection and Response (EDR/MDR) solution provides an additional underlying layer of managed detection and response. This way, we can defend against malicious, persistent footholds, ransomware and more – that are not readily apparent to the other cyber security tools above..

Add ThreatOps to The Arsenal

The solutions above provide alerting to our Security Operations Center but our human-powered threat hunting goes beyond automation. This provides you with the hands-on support and expertise needed to become aware in real-time and stop advanced attacks, involving you when necessary and keeping you aware of status of your network and data.

Peace of Mind

Using the elements of Identify. Protect. Detect noted above, we (and you) are able to effectively protect you against threats. Whether you are required to meet a cyber security standard or just want to secure your business’ key systems, Beringer can help you lay your head on a pillow and rest easy. Contact us today for more information.

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