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Dynamics Omnichannel for Customer Service

What is Dynamics Omnichannel for Customer Service?

Microsoft Dynamics Omnichannel for Customer Service is an extension of Dynamics Customer Service that enables unified communication between your Agents and your customers. With Omnichannel, employees get a single platform that provides all the customer data, communication channels, and tools in one place.

The concept of an Omnichannel Contact Center application got it’s start from the Call Center. While a Call Center is a single channel operation, taking or making phone calls only, a Contact Center incorporates multiple channels. As technology improved and the preferences of customers changed, the Contact Center incorporated additional channels beyond Voice and Email, and now includes channels like web chat, SMS test messaging, and even Social Media.

Microsoft’s solution

With the recent addition of a Voice channel, Microsoft can now offer an “all-in-one digital contact center solution“.  Businesses can leverage the built-in AI tools across all channels for intelligent routing, transcriptions, Virtual Agents, sentiment analysis, and similar case recommendations. The available channels that can be incorporated into the Microsoft platform are:

  • Chat
  • SMS
  • Voice
  • Microsoft Teams
  • Social Media
  • Email

Dynamics Omnichannel for Customer Service has some capabilities that are uniquely Microsoft. It offers native integration across all Microsoft 365 applications, including Office, Dynamics ERP, Dynamics Marketing, SharePoint, and the rest. Meaning you can easily incorporate other Microsoft applications into your Agent’s tools or for management. Microsoft products such as Power Apps and Portals, Azure Chat Bot, or Dynamics customer surveys can be used without large integration efforts.

All data is housed in the Microsoft Dataverse using the open source Common Data Model, giving business access to 100’s of prebuilt connectors to third party applications. Additionally, reporting is very robust and able to pull in data from across your Microsoft environment.

Who is this for?

So who should be seriously considering Omnichannel for Customer Service? Any company or organization that has already invested in Microsoft Dynamics, or looking to move in this direction, should certainly give this platform consideration given the relative ease of deployment and integration. If your company is already using Microsoft Teams as a phone system, Omnichannel will offer easy incorporation into your existing Azure Communication Services used to power the Teams system. And any company looking to improve customer satisfaction won’t go wrong looking at a platform with best in class technology and tools.

Finally, Schools and Nonprofit organization needing robust Contact Center features can take advantage of Microsoft’s truly deep discounts for the Nonprofit and Education segments.

What’s the next step?

If you want to get the most out of you Agents with Microsoft’s Dynamics Omnichannel for Customer Service, it’s important to bring on expert help or leverage a trusted partner. An expert or partner can help a business build new workflows and incorporate all the data and features to arm your Agents with tools to “wow” your customers.

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