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5 User Adoption Tips with CRM

Plenty of organizations roll out new technology only to find that they are struggling with end user adoption. Here are 5 tips to help achieve high end user adoption with Dynamics 365 or any CRM system, in no particular order.

5 User Adoption Tips for CRM

1. Offer ongoing training and support materials in a variety of formats. As you likely already know, people learn differently. Some people (like me) learn best when actually doing something. Others learn well by writing, and others by seeing. Strive to cater to all types when training, especially when rolling out new technology. Plus, it helps to break up the training by doing different things. Movement in a training is good too; it helps break up longer in-person training sessions.

Here are some things I’ve done to offer ongoing training & a variety of support materials:

  • Reference Manuals: separate for users & managers
  • Webinar training
  • Job aid / quick reference guide
  • Lunch & Learn: one topic, 15-30 mins
  • Short video clips on intranet with single topics
  • Live in-person training & demos
  • Blogs
  • One-on-one / small group screen share sessions

2. Always have a leave behind. No matter what training I do, I always have a leave behind. Sometimes it’s a simple how-to, other times it is a complete user reference.

3. Involve users during the business requirements stage. It is extremely important to customize for your end users. If they aren’t using it, management can’t get reports out of it! Customize for your end users while meeting business requirements from management.

4. Keep your system simple. Nobody wants to fill out 25 required fields. Streamline your business processes, have a minimum number of required fields and keep your forms clean (you can leverage out of box permission levels for this)

5. Identify CRM Ambassadors and empower them to help you!

Have you identified other ways to increase end user adoption with CRM? What has worked for your organization?

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