Microsoft Power Platform 2024

Microsoft Power Platform 2024 release wave 1 plan: Overview

Microsoft is back with another “wave” of updates – the first wave for 2024 – Microsoft Power Platform 2024 release wave 1. There are so many interesting updates coming down the pipeline, and not a lot of time to read up on them before they drop. Here’s  a summary of what’s to come…

Buckle up, because deployment for these new features and functions begins on 4/1/24!

Power Platform 2024 Release Wave 1: Supercharge Your Business!

Imagine getting smarter, faster, and more automated. That’s what the new Power Platform update is all about. Here’s a breakdown of the what to expect:

  • Copilot everywhereThis AI helper is moving in, making it easier to build apps, analyze data, and automate tasks with natural language.
  • Microsoft Copilot StudioThis is where you can build custom Copilots and extend its capabilities. New features include working with OpenAI GPT’s, managing Copilots in more regions, and even using them on platforms like WhatsApp.
  • Power AppsBuilding custom apps just got easier and faster. Think modern layouts, collaboration tools, and built-in guardrails to keep things secure. Plus, Copilot is here to lend a hand with AI and natural language.
  • Power AutomateAutomate tasks across the cloud, desktop, and with process mining. Use natural language to find ways to improve your workflows and troubleshoot any issues. Copilot makes managing automations easier than ever.
  • Pro DevelopmentFor developers, there are even more ways to extend the Power Platform and build custom applications. Imagine low-code and pro developers working together seamlessly – that’s the future!
  • Power BISee your data like never before with improved Copilot features and a focus on helping everyone make data-driven decisions. Data integration (now called Data Factory) is getting even more powerful too, letting you connect to more data sources and crunch it in real-time.
  • Power PagesCreate smart websites with the help of Copilot at every step. Design, edit content, connect to data – it’s all a breeze. Plus, you can make sure your site is secure and accessible.
  • AI BuilderGet ready for some major AI upgrades! Build better chatbots, process documents faster, and manage your AI models more effectively with improved governance features.
  • Governance and AdministrationAdmins get even more tools to manage the Power Platform at scale and keep everything secure.
  • Microsoft DataverseBuilding apps is getting a boost with a more powerful Copilot experience and easier connections to external data sources. Plus, the Enterprise Copilot in Microsoft 365 is here to lend a hand.

Basically, this update is all about making the Power Platform more powerful and easier to use for everyone. Get ready to transform your business!

For the full Microsoft Power Platform 2024 release wave 1 announcement, go here.

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