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Migrating large files to SharePoint cloud

Migrating large files to SharePoint cloud


Did you know that you can automate migrating files from a legacy system to SharePoint cloud?  As long as the legacy system has an available API, a cloud solution such as our DataSyncCloud can then utilize the Microsoft Graph API to migrate those files to SharePoint cloud. There are a few ways this can be done, but migrating large files to SharePoint cloud requires what we call "file chunking".

What is SharePoint?

SharePoint is a robust document repository that's been around for years. Specifically, SharePoint Online is hosted in the cloud and can easily be accessed from anywhere (great for remote workers). Within SharePoint, users not only have a document repository, but it includes many other features such as Change Tracking, Advanced Searching, Workflows, Role-Based Security, Retaining version history when moving files and much more!

Create an upload session for migrating large files

When you are migrating large files to SharePoint cloud using the Microsoft Graph API by replacing the contents of a DriveItem, you may receive errors that the available quota has been reached. This is due to a file size limit of 4MB. In order to migrate large files you need to create an Upload Session as well as chunk the file, depending on how large it is.  Utilizing the Upload Session, you can upload your file in a series of bytes.  The maximum bytes allowed per request is less than 60MiB which translates to less than 62MB.  So if your file is larger than this, you will need to account for file chunking.  Additionally, each chunk needs to have a byte range that is a multiple of 320 KiB.

Furthermore, each upload session has an expiration date, so if there is a failure at any point (such as due to a connection interruption), the session is already configured to delete once the expiration date is met. Alternatively, you can delete this session yourself.  This will allow you to clean up the temporary file previously uploaded.

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