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Why choose Azure Virtual Desktop?

Over the past two years, companies have found it necessary to pivot away from the traditional “work in the office” mindset to allow remote work for as many roles as possible. If you worked for a company where remote work was not only possible, but somewhat of a norm, then the pandemic just sent you home to work all the time, in a familiar way. If you worked for a company whose technology was behind the curve, there might have been some scrambling to purchase hardware, software or other technology, to make remote work possible.

Two years later, and many lessons learned, companies are now re-evaluating technology decisions to look for a better way to manage resources for remote workers. Concerns over hardware shipping delays or the headache of users bringing their own (non-standard) devices (BYOD) – add frustration and complexity for IT teams.

Azure Virtual Desktop

One solution is Azure Virtual Desktop, which allows your IT team to control allocation of resources and provide a standard “PC” configuration across the organization. With virtual PCs, your systems can expand as your company does, without the growing pains of constant upgrading. Curious about the cost of all this? We also recently posted a blog discussing the licensing options on Virtual PCs here.

What is Microsoft Azure Services?

Microsoft Azure is the solution that allows you to focus on growing your business without spending your valuable time dealing with your IT resources. As an all-encompassing computing environment, Microsoft Azure becomes your unified IT resource, with features like software, platform, and infrastructure in an as-a-service format.

At Beringer Technology Group, we’re answering our customers’ challenges with solutions through Microsoft Azure. Some of our recent blogs on Microsoft Azure features show off just a few of the ways this technology can elevate your business. Need some guidance on navigating all the features that Microsoft Azure has to offer? Trust Microsoft, the world’s leading provider of cloud-based computing services, and Beringer Technology Group to be your cloud infrastructure partners.

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