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Dynamics 365 System Views

Dynamics 365 is known for its plethora of components and subcomponents, including entities, forms, views, charts, fields, and much more.  Many of these components have had their administration functionality altered, or have had their names changed altogether (e.g., "entities" are now "tables"; "fields" are now "columns"), with the introduction of the Power Platform.  Views are no exception to this, and in the case of administration functionality, system administrators and customizers have the ability to control a view's visibility to end-users without disabling it.

What’s Powerful in the latest Dynamics 365 Marketing release?

Powerful updates for Dynamics 365 Marketing are upon us with wave 1, and now wave 2 is right around the corner. A summary of features include: reusable content blocks for quick email creation, ability to continue customer conversations by taking action on SMS replies, multiple journey branches for more personalized variations, and new channel analytics dashboard to track delivery and engagement metrics across multiple channels.

Moving Dynamics 365 On Premise Reports to Online

As you may be aware, Microsoft is sunsetting Dynamics 365 on premise in favor of Dynamics 365 cloud.  If you are currently on premise and not yet in the process of migrating to the cloud, here is a good article to help get you started.