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Skype for Business Cloud PBX Can Help Ditch the Desk Phone

A vast majority of companies today are utilizing Microsoft’s Office applications such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc. All companies are also using a phone system within their organization. With Skype for Business Cloud PBX it is possible to combine these services and simplify your business operations without losing the core functionality you are used to having.

Move your Phone System to the Cloud and Save

The days of on premise proprietary phone systems is over. If you’re still running your business on one of these systems or your current phone system is more than 5 years old you are likely at risk of disruption to your business, as many vendors have discontinued and no longer support these systems. Without access to replacement parts downtime is imminent and could cost you dearly.

SIP Trunking – The Backup Option for Voice

Most companies make sure they backup their data and computer systems but they overlook the potential to have a good disaster recovery plan in case their phone system goes down.  When phone lines go down how will it impact your business?  With backup SIP Trunks you can also make sure your business communication is safe using redundancy.