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New Altigen Private Cloud IP-PBX Offering from Beringer Associates

MaxCS Private Cloud is a new, comprehensive IP-PBX and Contact Center managed service. This innovative service combines AltiGen’s time tested IP phone system and cost-effective SIP trunks hosted in a secure private data center. Whether upgrading from an existing AltiGen phone system or deploying as a first time customer, MaxCS Private Cloud will provide an easy to manage solution that reduces communications costs and your total cost of ownership.

2013 Tax Incentives for Business IT Purchases

If you are considering an investment in hardware and/or software for your business, there are strong tax incentives to act now before special tax incentives expire at the end of 2013.


Congress has extended and enhanced the Section 179 tax deduction and bonus depreciation until 12/31/2013 in an effort to stimulate the economy and lower unemployment.

Preventing Toll Fraud by Securing your AltiGen System

Preventing Toll Fraud Introduction:

The following is great information provided by an AltiGen knowledgebase article on Toll Fraud prevention.

Toll fraud and unauthorized PBX access should be a major concern for anyone with a PBX in their office.

Toll Fraud can end up costing you many thousands of dollars, yet the simple steps necessary to secure

an AltiGen system are often overlooked.

AltiGen Announces All New MAX1000-SB platform for Small Businesses

New MAX1000-SB Small Business Bundle

The MAX1000-SB is an all-in-one IP PBX appliance for small businesses. It comes with AltiContact Manager (ACM) Server Base license and a 24-user license bundle that includes MaxCommunicator, IP Talk, MaxMobile, and Exchange Integration. 24 SIP trunk licenses are also included.

MAX1000-SB bundled licensing includes:

1 AltiContact Manger (ACM) Server base license + system key
1 AltiConsole license
24 Station Combo licenses including
–Station license
–MaxCommunicator license
–IP Talk license
–MaxMobile license
–Exchange Integration seat license
1 Multilingual license
24 SIP Trunk licenses

The MAX1000-SB ships with MaxCS AltiContact Manager (ACM) v6.5.1.531 preinstalled. Existing combo and individual licenses (IE: Agent, Supervisor, VR Manager, ect..) may be added to the MAX1000-SB as long as you do not exceed 24 total users.

**The MAX1000-SB 24-user systems has the following restrictions:
1. Station licenses are capped at 24. If you wish to expand beyond 24 users, you must purchase a separate expansion license.
2. The MAX10000-SB does not support Enterprise Manager. It will reject any attempt to load the Enterprise Manager license and connect it to a multisite environment.

Please contact your Beringer Associates for MAX1000-SB bundle pricing details.