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Dynamics 365 for Phones App: Offline Mode

The Dynamics 365 for Phones app is fantastic for an on-the-go sales team. Salespeople love the ability to bring up their CRM database via their mobile device anytime it's needed. Some common scenarios we see include:

A sales rep is cold calling an Account and needs to look up the name of the contact they talked to a year ago.

System Views vs My Views – Part Two of Two

Sharing "My Views" with Teams
In Part One, I talked about the differences between System Views and My Views. I also mentioned that whenever possible to filter by dynamic values (current user, manager, territory, last month, next year, etc.).

What if you work for a company that has several different divisions and your user base works across multiple divisions? They would want to have access to their views but they don't necessarily have to see all of the views for all of the other divisions.

Working with Calculated Fields in Dynamics 365

What is a calculated field?
Calculated fields perform calculations using data from other fields and return the result.  Calculated fields do not require knowledge in programming and are easy to set up.
Let’s start by creating some fields.
Create 2 fields and set the Data Type to Decimal Number and the Field Type to Simple.

Dynamics 365 Vector Images

What are Vector Images?
We've been exploring the Preview of Dynamics 365 Potassium (v9) and are eager to share some of the cool new features with you!  One in particular is the added support of Vector Image Web Resources with a type of SVG.  SVG is short for scalable vector graphics and is a common W3C standard xml-based markup language for creating 2D vector images.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 ♥ Azure App Services

Microsoft Dynamics 365 ♥ Azure App Services
Peanut Butter & Jelly ..... Cookies & Milk ..... Han Solo & Chewbacca

There's been some great pairings that have stood the test of time.  Individually they each have their unique strengths, but combining them makes an unstoppable duo!  I've been working in the Microsoft space for my entire career, and want to nominate another amazing couple:  Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Microsoft Azure App Services
What is Dynamics 365 CRM?
Dynamics 365 CRM stands for customer relationship management.

10 Tremendous Dynamics 365 User Adoption Tips

I had the extreme pleasure of presenting at this year's CRM User Group Summit Conference this year. One of my favorite sessions that I spoke about was titled "10 Tremendous User Adoption Tips" where we discussed Dynamics 365 User Adoption.

Organizations of all shapes and sized struggle with user adoption.

Recurring workflows in Dynamics 365

Workflow triggers
Are you using Dynamics 365 to compliment your workforce automation?  Dynamics 365 allows both admins and developers to automate processes such as performing routine business calculations, sending friendly reminders to end users or customers, creating scheduled activities and much more!  These processes are often controlled by Workflows.