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Building a Custom Business App in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Using PowerApps

In this blog, I'm going to show you how simple it is to configure a custom business app in Microsoft Dynamics 365 using PowerApps. That's right, custom app and configuration! There are a few pre-requisites and assumptions before we proceed:

You must have System Administrator or System Customizer security roles in Dynamics 365.
While PowerApps is available in earlier versions of Microsoft CRM, this blog will focus on using the Dynamics 365 Online platform.

CRM for Distribution Webinar

CRM for Distribution Powered by Microsoft Dynamics 365
CRM for Distribution is a Microsoft Certified Solution that is built specifically for Wholesale Distributors and based upon the industry leading Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM platform. This solution was built from the ground up to enable Wholesale Distributors to market more effectively, expertly manage their sales process and provide world-class customer service.

CRM for Distribution: Cost to Serve

Looking at sales figures can be very exciting, especially when they are going up. It's fairly easy to get a good idea of how much revenue you are earning from your customers by looking at your sales figures. But what about that customer's overhead? How much are your customers costing you? How do you figure out the cost to serve your customers? Some customers can be a bit more needy than others.