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Let’s Talk Windows 10 Copy

Hello readers, today I would like to share more with you about Windows 10!  Along with the security changes made to the operating system, Microsoft overhauled the user experience.  These alterations included features loved by Windows 7 users as well as the more well received changes with Windows 8.1.  So, without further adieu: let’s talk Windows 10!

Don’t Reinstall Office!

From time to time you may notice that one of your Office applications isn’t behaving quite the way it should. This could be something such as not being able to print from an application to having an application not launch at all. Microsoft recognizes that sometimes things happen so they’ve made it easy to fix problems that may arise with an Office app.

The Petya Ransomware Outbreak

This new version of the Petya ransomware is spreading rapidly, affecting organizations, businesses, and end users, turning into an outbreak reminiscent of the one caused by WannaCry.  It has already impacted many organizations, both large and small.

The attackers are distributing the ransomware, dubbed Petya, via a malicious email campaign targeting human resource departments.

OCR your images using OneNote

Have you ever needed to extract text into an editable format from an image? More than likely you had to find an OCR (Optical Character Recognition) software either from your printer software or a third party app. If you need a quick and easy way to get text out of an image, OneNote is just for you.

Why Microsoft Cloud

It is no secret that in today’s day and age there are two major requirements for network infrastructure; reliability and security. Microsoft fully understands these needs and has developed one of the world’s largest networks. A network investment north of $15 billion to be exact. How can you utilize the Microsoft cloud to enhance your business?

Zero-Day Threats – Protecting your email from global cyber attacks

At this point, everyone has probably heard the term “zero-day” exploit or virus. But what does it actually mean? A zero-day exploit is a flaw in an operating system or software that no one has discovered yet. This means that there aren’t patches or ways to stop the virus once it has been released. Most brand-new ransomware, viruses or malware fall under this category.

Diagnose Your Surface

The Surface Diagnostic Toolkit makes it easy to run a number of hardware tests on your Surface computer. At less than 3MB it’s extremely portable and it doesn’t require installation. It can also be run using a USB stick or over the network. The tool provides a clean, simple GUI and allows you to run all tests at once or individually. These tests are interactive and several of them will require you to observe the outcome and then mark whether the test passed or failed.

Windows Search: To Index or Not to Index

Microsoft Windows 7 and 10, includes a rather robust global search engine, both of which work on the backbone of a service called “Windows Search”. While wonderful in scope with newer processors, it could drag down the performance in older hardware by continually updating and causing disk utilization issues.