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Recurring workflows in Dynamics 365

Workflow triggers
Are you using Dynamics 365 to compliment your workforce automation?  Dynamics 365 allows both admins and developers to automate processes such as performing routine business calculations, sending friendly reminders to end users or customers, creating scheduled activities and much more!  These processes are often controlled by Workflows.

CRM Client in Outlook Stops Displaying Records after Office Update

The Problem
Our team recently came across an issue where customers reported to us that the CRM Client for Outlook appears to be properly configured and connected, but the CRM records do not display as expected.
The Symptoms
The problem manifests as “waiting for a page to be retrieved” and the expected records from CRM are never brought after waiting over an hour.

D365 security with Business Units

Do you have multiple regions that work inside your D365 organization?  If you do, you’ve probably taken advantage of grouping each into a separate Business Unit.  The advantage of doing this allows you to configure security roles. The security roles grant end users access to records only assigned in their region or all related child regions (if they are in a parent).

Power BI User Security

Power BI is a tool that allows companies to display visuals of their data from multiple applications.  For this reason, it would be difficult for the service to attempt to understand the underlying security structure behind each source.  So how do you secure your data?  Like other applications, Power BI offers its own security features which you can easily apply to the entire dashboard and datasets.  As previously mentioned, you can select which users to share your Dashboards to.  Most noteworthy, it offers a feature called Row Level Security, or “RLS”, which can be applied to each dataset.

Integrate Dynamics 365 with your External Systems

Dynamics 365 is designed to provide you tools that will guide you through your sales process from new prospects to opportunities and projects. Within Dynamics 365, you can track your activities such as communications, appointments and marketing efforts. It allows you to consolidate the insights your team has gained for each prospect and build invaluable reports. You can utilize its built in reporting tools or import custom reports using fetch XML.

Adding Business Logic to your Dynamics 365 Forms

JavaScript and Business Rules

Are you considering a new project with Dynamics 365 or looking to upgrade from an old version of Dynamics CRM/AX?  In Dynamics 365, both JavaScript and Business Rules allow you to add business logic to your forms.  For example, conditionally hiding fields or enforcing field requirements.

They both work in a variety of environments outside of the native Dynamics 365 web browser version, including Dynamics 365 for tablets and even the Dynamics 365 Outlook app (online or offline mode).  However, you should be aware of some recognized differences and limitations of each.

Upgrade to Dynamics 365 – Part 2

Previously, we introduced the top 3 questions asked when considering an upgrade to Dynamics 365  (when, licensing, and new features). In conclusion, we identify key items needed for a full upgrade path:
Update Custom Components, Code and Migrate Data
An admin or developer may need to update your custom components, to ensure compatibility with the latest release.

Upgrade to Dynamics 365 – Part 1

With Microsoft’s recent release of Dynamics 365 and more versions to come shortly, many customers are asking about it.  Why should you care and what do you need to know?  You are required to upgrade to Dynamics 365 if you are on Dynamics CRM Online or Dynamics AX Online, but expect to experience a seamless transition.  If you are on an On Premise application, you won’t be required to upgrade to Dynamics 365, but there are many benefits we’ve outlined below which we hope will encourage your decision.

Over the years, we’ve had the pleasure to assist many customers with various CRM upgrades.  Below are some insights that we’ve gained that we hope will help your company.