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AT&T Introduces Wi-Fi Calling for the iPhone

AT&T has just rolled out Wifi Calling for the iPhone 6 and 6s. This feature was previously limited to subscribers in the Houston area but is now available nationwide. AT&T was the last holdout on the technology but they have finally made the switch (Verizon, Sprint and T-Mobile already participate). This feature allows your iPhone to make and receive calls and/or Text messages when cell service is spotty or non-existent, over your phones’ WiFi connection. To turn on Wi-Fi calling, go to Settings > Phone > Wi-Fi Calling, and tap the slider to turn it on. No more having to deal with buildings that have poor signal, or interference if your home has a bad cell signal. Just turn on your Wi-Fi and make your calls over the internet. Happy calling.

ClickDimensions Promotional Pricing

ClickDimensions bridges the gap between sales and marketing and allows you to learn more about your prospects by seeing what interests them in your emails and on your website, as well as easily capture information about them through web forms, surveys and more – all while working inside of Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

Microsoft Surface Book – The Full Story

The Microsoft Surface book is Microsoft’s next step in the evolution of its Surface touchscreen device. It is the inevitable leap, and it’s the missing link that connects a touch pad with a laptop. Think of it as an IPad and laptop in one, but way better. Running windows 10, you will have the access, programs and features you have come accustomed to. This isn’t a tablet, it’s a laptop. The screen has an innovative “dynamic fulcrum hinge” that connects to the keyboard to allow it to fold up just like a laptop.

CEO’s & CFO’s Beware… You are the big fish they are Phishing for!

If you take one thing out of this blog, be sure to inform your CFO and CEO about an advanced Phishing scam going around that targets CFO’s and CEO’s for Wire Transfers.  I know, how can anyone perform a wire transfer without actually knowing who they are transferring information to?  Well, this is where it gets interesting.