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Cyber Security – A Few Steps to Keep your Business Safe

Cyber security is critical for keeping your business safe. Most Small businesses believe that they are not a target and sometimes prioritize other IT projects over security, but a majority of small businesses are likely to be less secure and more vulnerable for cyber attacks. Last year 43% of cyber-attacks worldwide were against Small businesses.

Breath new life into an aging workstation with a Solid State Drive

Upgrading your PC to a Solid State Drive (SSD) can have a dramatic impact on an aging computers, overall usability and prolong its effective life. Many people talk about the performance (or lack thereof) of their desktop or laptop computers. If you have a computer that was purchased over 3-4 years ago, and you see that the memory and CPU seem to be doing ok, but the system is overall slow…consider upgrading to a Solid State Drive.

What is Microsoft’s RemoteApp?

You may already be familiar with Remote Desktop Services, or Terminal Services through Microsoft. Remote Desktop Services are traditionally server based environments to provide a unified desktop experience for a collection of users. Users log into a remote desktop and are provided access to applications and desktop settings by an IT administrator.

Intelligent Business Applications

You are most likely familiar with descriptive terms for software like CRM and ERP. These terms have been used for years to describe software that businesses run to manage customer information, accounts, inventory, etc. Its time to learn a new term; Intelligent Business Applications. Microsoft is leading this charge with the release of their Dynamics 365 platform which combines traditional CRM and ERP functionality as well as some new tools to help bind functionality together in end-to-end workflows.