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Consuming CSV files with Cloud Flows

Consuming CSV files with Cloud Flows

Do you leverage data from multiple applications or services? If you haven't already found a way to integrate the data between them, you should check out Microsoft Cloud Flows, which are part of Power Automate and part of the overall Power Platform.

What are Cloud Flows?

Cloud Flows allow power users to build workflows that integrate a diverse set of apps and services, including Dynamics 365, SharePoint, SQL Server, Act!, Twitter and many more! Each workflow can have one trigger, such as a timer or an incoming email or tweet, and one or many actions, such as creating a Lead in your application of choice and sending a text message to a user. Most of it requires little to no code, but a Developer can help extend the functionality.

Consuming CSV files with Cloud Flows

Within the Power Platform, there are many pre-built tools that you can leverage to consume CSV files. One method is to utilize SharePoint as a repository for the CSV files and an automated flow that triggers when a new file is added to that SharePoint repository.

As of today, there are limited tools that you can leverage to parse the CSV data for transformation and consumption to your destination, but it is possible to do!  Since the data is separated by commas, this may seem straightforward to do, but you must also account for the data itself and how it can contain those delimiters.

Leveraging SharePoint here also allows you to use pre built tools within SharePoint, such as the ability for admins or end users to subscribe to an "accepted" or "rejected" folder once a file is successfully processed or rejected due to validation errors.

Once set up, the flow can be shared with power users within your organization who can then build additional cloud flows to consume and transform your csv files for specific needs.

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