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SharePoint Workflow End Of Life

SharePoint Workflow End Of Life

Microsoft announced that all SharePoint workflows running SharePoint Online have officially reached their end of life. If you are running workflow automation in SharePoint Online, then your business will be impacted. Microsoft provides two versions of workflows in SharePoint, version 2010 and version 2013. Depending on which version of SharePoint workflows you are using will dictate your next steps.

SharePoint 2010 workflows are retired

SharePoint 2010 workflows are officially retired. Microsoft will start to remove the ability to run or create SharePoint 2010 workflows from existing tenants effective November 1st 2010. If you are running these workflows in your organization, then you can expect them to stop working before the end of the year.

SharePoint 2013 workflows are deprecated

SharePoint 2013 workflows are deprecated, but will remain supported. Microsoft will turn off the SharePoint 2013 workflow engine starting effective November 1st 2010, in an attempt to deter you from creating any workflows in SharePoint 2013.

Microsoft Power Automate replaces SharePoint workflows

Not to worry, Microsoft has a solution to replace your SharePoint workflows. Microsoft has built a workflow orchestration platform called Power Automate, which connects all Microsoft 365 services together. Power Automate provide hundreds of connectors to external services, allowing your workflow to support code-less integrations with just about any cloud service.

How can Beringer help with your SharePoint Workflows?

Beringer has tremendous experience working with SharePoint, and has the tools required to identify all of your SharePoint workflows. Check out some of our SharePoint related blog topics here, here & here.  We will scan your SharePoint system, and provide you with a list of all workflows affected by this end of life. Beringer is a Microsoft Power Automate (formerly called Microsoft Flow) expert, and can build the next generation of your organization’s business automation workflows. We will provide you a detailed scope on how we will recreate your workflow automation with Microsoft Power Automate, along with recommendations on how we can enhance and improve the current functionality.

Are you not sure how your SharePoint Online Workflows will be affected? Is your experience building workflow automation in Power Automate limited?
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