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Cloud computing has ushered in the user era

Cloud computing: It's a phrase that has given new meaning to the current IT landscape. For years, the industry was defined by the hardware and software used throughout businesses. Today, cloud services have made it more about the end-users accessing the technology on a daily basis, effectively changing how firms purchase IT products and support their workforce.

Do You Know What’s in Your Sales Pipeline?

5 ways a CRM Can Help Manage Sales Pipeline and Grow the Bottom-line


Managing sales people and a sales pipeline can be challenging no matter what type of business you’re in. It does not matter whether your products are large ticket items or small repeat items; managing the sales process and being able to forecast sales takes time and effort.

Office moves are the perfect opportunity to change your IT infrastructure

Still relying on those old land lines for communications? Planning a big office move to a new building with vast real estate to support a larger workforce? Why not migrate some IT systems and phone systems to cloud computing to reduce operating costs, enhance efficiency and improve productivity?  The time may not be better to ditch on-site infrastructure to take advantage of more agile environments.