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Why Microsoft Cloud

It is no secret that in today’s day and age there are two major requirements for network infrastructure; reliability and security. Microsoft fully understands these needs and has developed one of the world’s largest networks. A network investment north of $15 billion to be exact. How can you utilize the Microsoft cloud to enhance your business?

Power BI User Security

Power BI is a tool that allows companies to display visuals of their data from multiple applications.  For this reason, it would be difficult for the service to attempt to understand the underlying security structure behind each source.  So how do you secure your data?  Like other applications, Power BI offers its own security features which you can easily apply to the entire dashboard and datasets.  As previously mentioned, you can select which users to share your Dashboards to.  Most noteworthy, it offers a feature called Row Level Security, or “RLS”, which can be applied to each dataset.

Connecting to the Cloud with the OnPremise Gateway

As a long time developer, I appreciate the extensibility that Microsoft provides with their applications. They love to provide you many ways to customize their products, as well as offering an API to allow developers to connect and automate. The Microsoft Business Application Platform is no different, delivering an experience to build and extend modern cloud applications much faster than ever.

Integrate Dynamics 365 with your External Systems

Dynamics 365 is designed to provide you tools that will guide you through your sales process from new prospects to opportunities and projects. Within Dynamics 365, you can track your activities such as communications, appointments and marketing efforts. It allows you to consolidate the insights your team has gained for each prospect and build invaluable reports. You can utilize its built in reporting tools or import custom reports using fetch XML.

Understanding the Microsoft Common Data Service

The Microsoft Common Data Service gives you the ability to quickly add data storage and modeling capabilities. This is very useful when you are building your Microsoft PowerApps  and Flow applications, and need a location to securely store your data. Developers traditionally start with a SQL database for this data storage, but the Microsoft Common Data Service offers so much more. Here’s my top three reasons why I’ll use the Common Data Service for my next project.

Increase your Salesforce with Azure Bot Services

By now, most of you have incorporated some form of automated sales tasks into your organization. It may be enabling appointment scheduling on your website to sending automated emails for customers with expiring contracts. Congratulations, you’ve made more efficient use of your sales team's time! You’ve empowered them with more time to focus on tasks that can’t be automated, such as connecting with prospects over lunch or managing existing customer relationships.

Are you Ready to Migrate to Microsoft Dynamics 365?

If you are new to Dynamics 365, then I suggest checking out our Dynamics 365 transition presentation located here.  Microsoft has made it very clear that Dynamics 365 is a cloud service, and will NOT be available for on premise CRM users. If you are an On Premise user, there’s no need to worry. Beringer has extensive experience migrating Customers from CRM On Premise to Dynamics 365. If you are looking to migrate, then take a look at some tasks that you need to consider.