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Move your Phone System to the Cloud and Save

The days of on premise proprietary phone systems is over. If you’re still running your business on one of these systems or your current phone system is more than 5 years old you are likely at risk of disruption to your business, as many vendors have discontinued and no longer support these systems. Without access to replacement parts downtime is imminent and could cost you dearly.

Connecting the Cloud with Microsoft Flow

How many cloud services does your enterprise rely on to keep your business running? If you are one of our clients, then I'm sure services like Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Office 365 come to mind. Are you utilizing a virtual machine or SQL database in Azure? How about file service like One Drive, Drop Box, SharePoint or Google drive? I'm sure you're using a few social services like Facebook, Yammer or Twitter.

Leveraging Microsoft PowerApps with Dynamics CRM

PowerApps are the latest addition to the Microsoft Business Application platform, which allow you to develop your very own custom app with minimal coding experience. You can easily connect to existing data sources and services like Excel files, SharePoint lists, Dynamics CRM and custom APIs, and then automatically generate a purpose-built business app.

Efficient Microsoft CRM Migration through Leveraging the Microsoft CRM API

Beringer is striving to create real value in our customers’ CRM systems. We enjoy developing creative solutions for Microsoft Dynamics CRM systems. We regularly are tasked with producing Migrations and Integrations to Microsoft Dynamics CRM from other applications as a data source. Yet, recently I was challenged to migrate data from one CRM Online system to another.

Legitimate mail is marked as Junk in Office 365

We recently discovered an issue with Outlook classifying legitimate Emails as junk. Valid emails from clients as well as emails from within our organization were being sent to our junk folder. Mail is classified as Junk in Exchange Online and within the Outlook client separately. We had the Junk Filtering in Outlook disabled before this problem started so for our case we knew it was an issue with Junk Filtering in Exchange Online.

Power BI with Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016

The use of Power BI with Microsoft Dynamics CRM has just gotten easier in CRM 2016! The Microsoft Power BI service offers easy reporting tools that can help to explore and visualize business metrics across all of your applications and other web sources. It is a separate cloud service offered within your O365 subscription, but they are continuing to make it easier to integrate with other applications.

Solving Data Migration Challenges With Scribe Online

If you’ve ever been tasked with migrating data, then you know there are a wide variety of challenges that you must overcome. I’ve migrated data to Microsoft Dynamics CRM from many disparate systems in my career, which typically involves pulling data from a live system. The key word is “live”, so you need to tread lightly when querying millions of rows of data. It is very easy to negatively impact performance, which will instantly translate into end user complaints.

Azure Machine Learning Model Integration with CRM 2016 – Product Recommendation Engine

Beringer takes pride in being connected to the newest developments with Microsoft and Microsoft’s Dynamics CRM. With CRM 2016, it’s important that you have support from a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner so your system remains current and in touch with all of the latest technologies. One exciting feature I’d like to highlight, is the new Product Recommendation model. This addition to CRM provides inline Product recommendations when building Opportunities, Quotes, and Orders based on trends in your actual Sales data.