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Resume with a Ransom – How to protect yourself from the latest Crypto-Locker Virus

The Crypto-Locker Virus is making its rounds again. This version, like the last is originally transmitted via an email. The email claims to contain a Resume from a friend or previous acquaintance and asks you to open it. The virus is embedded in a Word document but opening the document alone does not infect the machine. Microsoft Office has built in security measures that prevent this virus code from running but the fake resume asks you to disable those protective measures.


Is your e-mail HIPAA compliant?

HIPAA is a US federal law to safeguard healthcare information. This law applies to healthcare companies such as doctor's offices, hospitals and health insurers which makes them a regulated environment. There are many aspects to this law that involve the storage and transmission of digital healthcare data.

Backup & Disaster Recovery Defined

I used to think of Disaster Recovery as explaining to my parents why the lawn was not cut on time or how the station wagon got a bashed in fender - without getting grounded for life. If only telling your boss you lost his entire email inbox or the company's QuickBooks database was that simple.

Microsoft Office 365 – Security Features

Moving to Microsoft office 365 is a big step for any organization. There are a number of benefits to making the switch including accessibility, cost and maintenance. Along with these, there are also numerous security and privacy features. Here’s a brief overview of a few of these features:

1.       Anti-spam and anti-malware protection: Office 365 has built-in malware and spam filtering capabilities that help protect inbound and outbound email messages from malicious software and help protect you from spam.

Two Factor Authentication – Why You Need It!

Before getting into the "how" of this topic I have three words that could save you from an enormous digital fiasco... TWO FACTOR AUTHENTICATION.

Most of us likely take online security and privacy too lightly. Think about the types of information in your digital footprint; bank account information, credit card account data, online access to your 401k, Facebook, Twitter the list goes on and on.

MSCRM 2015 Field-Level Security

With security becoming more and more important with online data, securing your data within your system is also very important. We all need to keep the bad guys out of the system, but we also need to keep our users from accessing sensitive data as well.

In MSCRM, you can hide fields from forms and remove them from selection filters, but if you have any skills with MSCRM, you can find a way to get the data out if you have read access to an entity.

When is a Hybrid Cloud/On-Premises Network a Good Idea? Maybe Always?

I work with clients who are ooooed and aaaahed by "The Cloud!"  Apparently, it is the place to go... the only place to be.  BUT- a small voice in my head (the voice of the network designer in me) says... well... let's look at that a bit more closely.

Assuming that almost every business out there has some kind of a server/client application with a hefty database that needs a server to call home and a bunch of local users running a PC application software (a la Quick Books, HR, or AutoCAD) that need to access that data, the cloud is not right for that kind of system.