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Working around the 60-minute time limit in Azure DevOps pipelines

Azure DevOps pipelines are a feature of Microsoft Azure DevOps, a comprehensive set of development tools and services provided by Microsoft. Azure DevOps pipelines enable you to automate the build, test, and deployment processes of your applications across different platforms and environments.

Searching across Multiple Tables in Canvas Apps

Canvas apps are a great tool that empowers citizen developers and professional developers alike to quickly build custom applications that meet specific business needs. However, like most things, it isn't perfect. One limitation is the built-in search functionality.

What’s new with Microsoft Power Apps

Microsoft has released updates for Power Apps, as well as their plan for additional updates this year.  These updates contain enhancements to assist you in building your power apps and tailoring them to your specific needs.

Working with in-app notifications

For quite a while, the in-app notifications feature was in preview mode within Power Apps.  Now, it's a full-fledged component of Power Apps and allows customizers the ability to work with the Notification table within the Dataverse.

New Navigation Features for Model-Driven Apps

Microsoft has been continuing their quest to reduce the number of button clicks and screen changes a user experiences while working with Dynamics 365 Model-Driven Apps.  Previously, navigation features like Modal Windows required custom JavaScript to utilize, but more and more UI features are being made available in the Power Apps editor. Embedded Forms For a long time, Quick View forms were the go-to method of displaying related data on a form.  These fields were read-only, so users would have to navigate to that related record if they wanted to make any changes.