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Trigger conditions in Power Automate Flow

Power Automate provides some incredibly powerful capabilities around business process automation, especially within the context of Dynamics 365 and the Dataverse.  From automating simple tasks such as automatically generating subfolders whenever a parent folder is created to tasks requiring complex conditional logic, Power Automate flows can handle the brunt of your automated business processes and so much more. There are times, however, when a flow runs multiple times when it shouldn't.  A great example of this is a flow that, at some point in its steps, triggers itself.

Consuming CSV files with Cloud Flows

Do you leverage data from multiple applications or services? If you haven't already found a way to integrate the data between them, you should check out Microsoft Cloud Flows, which are part of Power Automate and part of the overall Power Platform. What are Cloud Flows? Cloud Flows allow power users to build workflows that integrate a diverse set of apps and services, including Dynamics 365, SharePoint, SQL Server, Act!, Twitter and many more! Each workflow can have one trigger, such as a timer or an incoming email or tweet, and one or many actions, such as creating a Lead in your application of choice and sending a text message to a user.

Use Power Automate and JSON to populate Document Tables

In a previous blog, we covered how you can populate a Word document template using Power Automate.  In addition to populating plain text fields in a doc, you can also Use Power Automate and JSON to populate Document Tables using the Repeating Section Content Control.

Reporting Tools for Dynamics 365

For any organization, reports are an integral part to helping your team’s function whether it's to pass information to your clientele or to discover realities.

Dynamics Omnichannel for Customer Service

What is Dynamics Omnichannel for Customer Service? Microsoft Dynamics Omnichannel for Customer Service is an extension of Dynamics Customer Service that enables unified communication between your Agents and your customers.

Update your Azure Functions to .NET 6 before December 2022

Microsoft has introduced the beginning to the end of life for .NET Core 3.1. Extended support for this officially ends on December 3, 2022. To avoid disruption to your processes, Microsoft is recommending that you update your Azure Functions to .NET 6 before then.

Modern App Designer for Model Driven Apps

Microsoft's Modern App Designer for Model Driven Apps is in preview and arriving soon.   This new editor is a complete overhaul of the editor you may be used to using for your model driven apps, which will soon be labeled the "Classic App Designer" and likely deprecated thereafter.