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Integrating External Services using Cloud Flows

Do you leverage data from multiple applications or services? If you haven't already found a way to integrate the data between them, you should check out Microsoft Cloud Flows, which are part of Power Automate and part of the overall Power Platform. What are Cloud Flows? Cloud Flows allow power users to build workflows that integrate a diverse set of apps and services, including Dynamics 365, SharePoint, SQL Server, SalesForce, Act!, Twitter, MailChimp and many more! Each workflow can have one trigger, such as a timer or an incoming email or tweet, and one or many actions, such as creating a Lead in your application of choice and sending a text message to a user.

Blend Canvas and Model Driven Apps Together

Microsoft has recently unveiled the "Modern App Designer," a new and more powerful tool to develop custom-tailored UI experiences that would previously not be possible.  While this feature is currently in Preview (available for development, not recommended for production use), it's already providing some awesome new features.

Try Microsoft AI Builder in 2022!

WHAT IS AI BUILDER? It's a new year, so what better way to start it out than with some AI? After all, AI is designed to improve our lives. Specifically, let's talk about Microsoft's AI Builder. If you're not already familiar with AI Builder, I previously blogged about it in the beginning of 2021 here.

Azure DevOps Pipeline Stages, Jobs, Steps and Tasks Oh My

First off, what is Azure DevOps? Azure DevOps is a collection of modern development services provided by Microsoft.  These services include Azure Boards, Pipelines, Repos, Test Plans, Artifacts and an Extensions Marketplace.  These services together allow for better collaboration between developers and teams as well as time-saving automated deliverability to your business(es). What are Azure Pipelines? Specifically, Azure DevOps Pipeline allow developers to automate builds and deployments using the CI/CD approach (Continue Integration/Continuous Delivery).  This frees up time to allow developers to address more new features and bug fixes to your applications.

Start 2021 Better With AI Builder

  WHAT IS AI BUILDER? 2020 was certainly a difficult year for many of us. But as we look ahead to a brighter future in 2021, what better way to start it out than with some AI? After all, AI is designed to improve our lives.

We’re Microsoft Cloud Certified!

We're Microsoft Cloud Certified! We're excited to share with you that we've been continuing to renew our Microsoft Cloud certifications, even during these unprecedented times. Our current certifications range from Dynamics 365 to Azure and Windows applications.

Beringer Achieves Microsoft Competency

Beringer Achieves Microsoft Competency Congratulations to Beringer Technology Group for renewing their Microsoft Cloud Business Application competency. This is one of the TOUGHEST competencies to complete, requiring a high level of billable revenue & multiple certifications.

Keeping Up With Dynamics Storage

Keeping Up With Dynamics Storage As Microsoft continues to blur the lines between Dynamics and PowerApps, so does it continue to redefine how Common Data Service (CDS) storage is measured and billed.