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Windows 10 and WebEx: Not on IE11 or Edge

Web Conferencing in today’s workplace is as common as making a phone call. An early innovator in the field, Cisco is still a top choice for most companies. Their WebEX platform is salable, secure, easy to use, and even free in some instances. Sometimes in the IT world, even with preview builds, and despite best efforts by large companies such as Microsoft and Cisco, technology takes awhile to catch up and mesh with each other.

Anti-Virus on Servers

In today’s connected world anti-virus protection is an essential part of a comprehensive security solution.  The proliferation of ransom-ware type viruses will certainly test the disaster/recovery plan of your organization and expose any deficiencies if you are unfortunate enough to become infected.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 Mainstream Support Announcement

Mainstream support for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 is scheduled to end on July 12, 2016. With the end of mainstream support, Microsoft will no longer accept product design or feature change requests. Microsoft will continue to support Security Patches and Fixes until the end of extended support which is scheduled to end on July 13, 2016. To ensure your business is not open to vulnerabilities, now is a great time to plan ahead and schedule an update.

HP and Dell Product Service Tags via CMD

Often times as technicians we need to know the service tags and product numbers of the systems we support to do a warranty check on vendor websites.  In a world of remote support, asking the user for this information is not always the best option.  This information lies in the system BIOS and windows does not make it readily available for us to retrieve.  However, there is a way to get this information with little to no interaction from the end user.

Nobody Parties like Microsoft Dynamics CRM Activity Parties

Microsoft Dynamics CRM allows users to capture their daily activities in an number of different ways. The product natively offers a handful of activities like emails, phone calls, appointments and tasks, but it also allows you to define and create your own custom activities. Working with these activities in the CRM user interface is very intuitive, but importing the data through the API comes with some challenges, especially when creating the CRM activity parties.

SQL Performance in the Cloud

When using SQL Server, proper setup of the Database, Log Files, Memory and Disk I/O play a key part in the overall SQL Server performance. The same rings true when running SQL Server in the cloud, whether it be Azure, AWS or other. What complicates things is the myriad of choices you have for the underlying virtual infrastructure in the cloud.