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HP and Dell Product Service Tags via CMD

Often times as technicians we need to know the service tags and product numbers of the systems we support to do a warranty check on vendor websites.  In a world of remote support, asking the user for this information is not always the best option.  This information lies in the system BIOS and windows does not make it readily available for us to retrieve.  However, there is a way to get this information with little to no interaction from the end user.

Nobody Parties like Microsoft Dynamics CRM Activity Parties

Microsoft Dynamics CRM allows users to capture their daily activities in an number of different ways. The product natively offers a handful of activities like emails, phone calls, appointments and tasks, but it also allows you to define and create your own custom activities. Working with these activities in the CRM user interface is very intuitive, but importing the data through the API comes with some challenges, especially when creating the CRM activity parties.

SQL Performance in the Cloud

When using SQL Server, proper setup of the Database, Log Files, Memory and Disk I/O play a key part in the overall SQL Server performance. The same rings true when running SQL Server in the cloud, whether it be Azure, AWS or other. What complicates things is the myriad of choices you have for the underlying virtual infrastructure in the cloud.

Smaller iPhone coming soon!

If there was one thing about the iPhone 5 that I missed, it was the smaller size.  Yes the smaller size.  In a race to larger screens, it seems the advantages of a smaller screen are lost on designers.  Smaller screens, smaller sizes (aka just the right size) enables the phone to completely fit in your hand and let the average thumb go all the way around the screen without having to move the phone.

LinkedIn – The Benefits of Meeting Strange People in Dark Cyber-Alleys

Like most of you, I get a ton of “I’d like to connect” traffic. Sure, you hang your digital shingle out there and folks will sometimes throw snowballs at it. I am just not sure if I should accept these invitations from strangers with no 3rd or 2nd connections, let alone 1st connects. Just – “hey there!! let’s connect!!” from all kinds of people selling anything, trying to meet the 500-connection goal (that LinkedIn would have us all embrace…) in competing industries, from polar opposite industries, from all over the place. It’s like meeting strange people in dark cyber-alleys  can be slightly off-putting and disconcerting and will blow up your inbox in no time.